Chris White - Staff Software Engineer @ SS&C Advent - Black Diamond

I work for the Black Diamond Wealth Platform unit of SS&C Advent in Jacksonville, Florida. I first started looking at graphs and specifically Neo4j about 4 years ago, trying to model some complex access control relationships in the next version of Black Diamond. I've also played with it off and on with some hackathon projects, but now we're in production with it currently supporting a document storage and sharing solution focused around financial advisors/planners and their client relationships. Hopefully there's more to come!

I've used Slack a few times but I'm really excited about the launch of Neo4j Community, for both community support and the exchange of ideas!


Welcome Chris, this sounds like a really well applicable use-case for graphs. Do you also run analytics on the data? I.e. which clusters of people have access to which documents? Good luck with the production use and I hope that you are expanding your graph use, e.g. for recommendations or fraud prevention.