Change user or delete user


I would like to change my username before starting to be an active part (this is my first post ever)
But I didn't find how to do it.

So I wanted to delete my profile in order to reconnect under a new name (connected over Google-Account). But I didn't find how to.

Trying some internet search engine only provide answers about user management under neo4j community edition :frowning:

Need help. thx.

I also would like to change my name, it appears to have taken my name from my email address. I don't normally publicise my name on the internet.... any luck?

Hi Jon,

Andreas Kolleger is the "keymaster" and can help on this.

@abk : can you help on this? Seems to become a usual request.


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Hello @jonomac , and thanks for the ping @Benoit_d ,

Benoit is right, a few more name change requests will encourage me to write an application. :)

Dwelling on that a bit, it could be nice to have workflows which require administrative privilege but that a user could initiate. Maybe similar to how parental controls work, where any user could do anything that an admin could do except for the final step of making it happen, which instead would be a "request approval" button that pings an admin.

Back to the original request, I'd be happy to help @jonomac . I'll DM you so we can chat privately about the change you'd like.


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