Certified Professional and need guidance on next steps

Hi All,
I'm Gopakumar (you can call me Gopa) from India. I've been working in IT for the past 11 years in various domains like Banking, Insurance and currently Education. Technically, I'm from Oracle background but have recently developed some interest towards graphDBs and Neo4j really indulged me with its features.

I went ahead to master the Certification but I would need guidance on how/what to proceed next. I'm hoping to gain knowledge on Data science, and would that be possible only with Neo4j knowledge or would I need to equip myself with ML and scripting languages as well like Python, R etc? Any inputs would be helpful thank you.

Gopakumar G

Hi @gopakumar.gopalakris. Welcome to Neo4j Community. for starters I would like to try some simple datasets from kaggle.com movies dataset with ratings -> The Movies Dataset | Kaggle.

Where you can model, movies, actor and ratings. This dataset would be similar to neo4j demo dataset, but with more data.

Hi @gopakumar.gopalakris, I have also uploaded my dataset, for your extra study.

Thank you so much @dominicvivek06 for your post. Will go through them and get back with queries, if any.