Can't read community posts on iPhone

When I’m looking at community posts, I can’t read content of posts because the font is light gray against white.

I can see the titles, navigate, and the post I’m writing.

Firefox and Edge also have this problem.

This is on my iPhone 6S, iOS 14.2, Chrome and Safari. (Not sure how to get their versions.)

More clues. This only happens after I login into my Neo4J account. When I'm not logged in, the background is dark, so the light text is visible.

Also... no problems on Mac OSX with Chrome.

Great catch. I'll take a look.

  • ABK

Could you check which theme is active when you're logged in? Go to your profile, then "Preferences" then "Interface" to see which Theme is selected. Also, is dark mode enabled for the site, and active (your phone is in dark mode)?


Darkmode was off, but turning it on didn't help right away. When the webpage reloaded, then it worked.

I have Neo4J Discourse on.

OK, I am closing in on this. There's something strange about dark mode, where the entire UI doesn't change at the same time and some parts require a page reload.

Lots to learn. :)