Can't import an array of points and an array of dates using the bulk import tool


I'm working on Neo4j 4.0.4.
I am making an attempt to import polygon data into the database. I was trying to import nodes with array of points property using CLI bulk import tool, but "Unable to parse header" error has been thrown at "point[ ]". The same happens with "date" type and probably other complex types too. I tried to import CSV file with following content:

1,"{latitude: 10, longitude: 20}";"{latitude: 30, longitude: 40}",Test

Unfortunately, all I have managed to find in the docs is this:

Use one of int , long , float , double , boolean , byte , short , char , string , point , date , localtime , time , localdatetime , datetime , and duration to designate the data type for properties. If no data type is given, this defaults to string . To define an array type, append [] to the type.


I'm not sure whether it is a bug or it was intended to perform this way, but I would be grateful for stating that more clearly in the docs.