Can't find neo4j-community aws ami in eu-west-2 region

Hi All,
I am trying to deploy new4j community edition in aws following the below article.

The ami doesn't exists in eu-west-2 (London) region. Can you please let me know how can i deploy it in eu-west-2 region.

If it is not available then you ssh into your linux (CentOS/ubuntu) and try if you can manually install it.
Many thanks
Mr Sameer Gijare


is thee a specific version of Neo4j you are looking to install?

we are looking for latest version. but no specific requirements.

@david.allen:- Can you include region eu-west-2 (london) to have the neo4j ami. Many thanks.

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I no longer maintain the AMIs, but I know the colleague that does and I'll make sure to pass along the request.