Can't find manage/plugins panel

Hi all. I have created a DBMS on Neo4j desktop but I have failed to find the Manage panel (which I need because I am trying to install a plugin). Can anyone help me find it? Thanks!

Hi @asharpe

Click on the database name and a window will appear on the right.
Then select Plugins.

Hi @koji , that window doesn't show up even when I click the database name. Is there a different way? I'm not sure why it doesn't work for me

Hi @asharpe
My desktop version is 1.4.7.
What is your version?

@koji Mine is 1.4.5. Is this outdated?

@koji I just updated but still, when I click on the database name I don't see the panel

Hi @asharpe

This database is a remote connection.
It is not a local database.
So, you cannot install Plugins by Neo4j Desktop.

@asharpe You need to click on the DBMS. The plugins show at the DBMS level, not at the DB level. I downloaded my Desktop version a few days ago. See below -

At the DB level, I see no plugin options either -

See how in both pictures it says Active DBMS - Graph DBMS. Yours says 'No active DBMS'. Try re-downloading Neo4j Desktop. It should come with the example project with Graph DBMS.

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Thanks all. @koji is right - I am only able to install APOC if it's for a local connection. I see the panel only if its a local DBMS