Can't download newer Neo4j versions from Neo4j Desktop


I've just downloaded Neo4j Desktop 1.4.2 for Windows.

When I try to download another Neo4j Database version (e.g. v4.2.3) different from the one that comes pre-installed (v4.2.1), I get the following error:

Distribution download error: Error: Shasum of the downloaded file did not match the expected value. Please try again!

I've had this same problem when using a previous version of the Neo4j Desktop app.

Any help?

Hi @mrksph ,

That sounds worrisome. I'll check the distribution files. Are you behind a firewall or using a proxy?


Hi @abk ,

I'm using my company's notebook which is very capped so it may be related.

OK. FWIW I manually downloaded then checked the shasum like this (on MacOS)...

curl --location -O -J ""
curl --location -O -J ""
openssl dgst -sha256