Can't Create New Perspective in Bloom Browser - Missing Blank Perspective Button

Doing a trial of Bloom, but the Blank Perspective button in the Perspective Gallery is missing in Bloom browser, so I can't add any new perspectives. Also, any any refreshes I do (e.g., to pick up new graph nodes/relationships) or changes I make to the one perspective there - which was added or changed by a co-worker - including adding new scenes and configuring options are lost. I'm using a 3-server cluster created by our DBAs, who also installed the Bloom software there for a trial. Any thoughts on why the Blank Perspective button is missing? Thanks!

Question: Was doing some reading and there was a mention that there are separate rights for Bloom that are different than the database. So, if I was defined by the server Admin with database WRITE access but with only Bloom READ access, could this possibly explain the missing option to add a new Perspective? Any way I can check what my Bloom rights are myself, or does an Admin need to look this up?

Additional info: Our company uses Menlo Security, which has interfered with some sites' features in the past (e.g., by suppressing websites' custom right-click menus). Any know issues with Menlo? I did notice that I'm not seeing any Neo4j/Bloom custom menus when I right click, if there are supposed to be some.