Cant create a local DBMS in neo4j browser

The neo4j browser was working fine for me and then it suddenly crashed.
The error I see in the neo3j browser is: "Database failed to create: Error: Could not change password"
The error shown in the log file is: "Process [34288] exit with code '0', signal 'null'"
Things I already tried and didn't work:

  1. Restarting the neo4j desktop
  2. Reinstalling the neo4j desktop
  3. switching to offline mode

Hello @abhishekjayant1 and welcome to the Community!

Can I presume you are on Windows? This problem occurs frequently on Windows.

Sometimes a restart of your system clears up the problem.

Another issue is with powershell. You must have at least 5.1 of powershell AND it must be in your PATH. Sometimes when Windows 10 does an update, it does not put powershell in your PATH and this causes problems with this area of Neo4j.


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Thanks @elaine_rosenber for the solution. I'll the try the above steps :slight_smile: