Can't add password to Neo4j Browser Connection Frame

Hello, everyone!

Could you please help me.
I want to transfer password to neo4j browser and can't do it.
My Neo4j Browser' IP-address is http://localhost:7474/browser.
According to the article (POST URL, username, and password to Browser - #5 by ryan.boyd) I am trying to fill Connection Frame via the next URL: "http://localhost:7474/browser/?connectURL=bolt://neo4j:password@localhost:7687". Unfortunately, Neo4j Browser doesn't fill the field "password". Even more, official documentation doesn't show this capability (Browser operations - Neo4j Browser - Example 18).

Why this issue is important for me. I am testing my FastAPI software and trying to automatically connect to neo4j server. I have created user, but i don't want to fill server connection fields manually due to security minds.

I will be grateful if you help me

Best to raise this as a feature request in, when I asked for that, i was told that for security reasons password credentials could not become part of URL parameters.

Thank you very much for the answer. Could you please advise if there exist another way to transfer password (via header or something like that)? I hope we can at least make POST request with all parameters.

Yes in a POST request to the database directly you can use basic auth.