Cannot update the database

Hello Everyone,

it has now become the norm on my system that the database is unable to update. It is a hit or miss at times.

Here is the message:
Failed to upgrade database. Please check log files, make adjustments and try again.

Just upgraded to the lasted desktop version today : Neo4j Desktop 1.4.0

The logs strangely isn't showing anything in terms of what it was doing. So the new desktop seems to not be creating a log.

What can I do?

thanks in advance.

Hi @tideon

What version of Neo4j did you want to upgrade?
For example, from 3.5.x to 4.2.1.

There are three databases that won't update

( 2x ) 4.2.1 => 4.2.2
4.1.3 => 4.2.2

Hi @tideon

I have upgraded one movie DB from Neo4j 4.2.1 to 4.2.2.
I used Neo4j Desktop 1.4.0.
No problems were encountered here.

Are you using any libraries like APOC?
I need your logs or something.

Yes, am using APOC. I must also say, that this has always been a touch and go situation with Neo4j ever since I started using it. After updating to the newer desktop ( Neo4j Desktop 1.4.0 ) today, the log file isn't getting updated any more. So there is no information being added.

Would you suggest deactivating the APOC and try again, as there is no error to be seen in the log files.

Hi @tideon

Neo4j Desktop 1.4.1 has been released.
I don't see it in the fix list, but does it show up in the log?

Note that it is better to backup your data before updating from 1.4.0 to 1.4.1.

Hello @tideon

It reminds me souvenir, I think neo4j changed their main database directory.
If it's not that, usually every update problems are located in the configuration file.

There is a lock in the configuration file who block the update process, it's default value is suppose to be false.

In the worst case, you can still dump all your databases and load them in a brand new DBMS.

Hello Tard,

Two things.

  1. What is that setting called?
  2. How do you dump a database?


I think these two links might help

The setting is call : dbms.allow_upgrade=true

But carefull I'm not sure about the exact nature for this setting.

For the dump and load part:

Hello Tard,

Thank you. The setting was already set to true,so that wasn't the issue.
I have to try your second option, but, the issue still remains. This has always been the case with Neo4j, hit or miss if a certain database can update.

Any other suggestions?