Cannot load the oracle jdbc in neo4j

Hi everyone,

I am using Neo4j Desktop 1.4.11 and I have downloaded apoc and ojdbc jars. I have placed them inside the plugin folder. When I try to load the driver, it does not achieve it and therefore I cannot connect to my oracle db. I am using Neo4j 4.3.7, enterprise edition while the apoc and ojdbc versions can be seen in the pictures below.

Anybody has any idea what might it be and how I can solve this?

Check your debug.log file in your logs/ directory - it probably has an error message that's going to be helpful in determining the issue. Like perhaps if it's ClassNotFoundException then maybe the JAR file needs to be moved.

Secondarily, have you tried using apoc.load.jdbc directly rather than trying to load the driver class as you are currently doing?

The problem was only consisting to the driver class load. Is there any way how I can hide the credentials into a file, as an alias? I try to add the into a apoc.conf file but for some reasons it is not being loaded. Should I change something into neo4j.conf file or how should I load that it reads the name of the url through apoc.conf file??


hiding the credentials. as described at How do I use Cypher to connect to a RDBMS using JDBC - Knowledge Base


where myalias is any simply string value to be used for call apoc.load.jdbc('myalias',......