Cannot get all nodes that are matched


First of all, this is such a basic query, i honestly don't know why it does not work. I wanted to try the same thing as the movie example, which is this one: Getting all the actors that have worked with Tom Hanks.

For my data, I want to get all the users that has the skills that JobAds = 86 need.
There are three skills that JobAds = 86 needs:

However, when I tried to include the user in the query only one skill appeared.

Is there any limitation or boundary in terms of returning nodes that i am not aware of?
Thank you in advance. Any explanation on why this happen would be appreciated.

Hi @nuraishahzaidi01 ,

Is it possible that there simply aren't any users who have those other skills?

You could explore the graph around the skills to verify. For each skill, try something

MATCH (s1:Skill)<-[:HAS_SKILL]-(u1:User)
WHERE in ["Strategic Thinking", "Problem Solving", "Communication"]
RETURN s1,u1

Alternatively, you can see the other skills by making the matching users optional...

MATCH (job:Jobads {adsID: '86'})-[n:NEED_SKILL]->(s1:Skill)
OPTIONAL MATCH (s1)<-[h:HAS_SKILL]-(u1:User)
RETURN job, n, s1, h, u1

Let me know what you find.



Thanks for replying.
I have tried checking whether there are users that connected to the other skills. And for "Communication", there are no users that have that skill. But for "Strategic Thinking" there are.

So this is the result for the first queries you suggested:

It shows the two skills that have users connected to it.

The second one:

Still only showing users that only connected to one skill.

Thank you so much for your help!