Cannot create multiple databases through python client(Neo4j 4.0)

I am trying to create and access multiple databases in Neo4j 4.0 version from python client(neo4j bolt driver) but unable to do so. Example: not able to run the commands

create database dbname
show databases
:use dbname

through neo4j bolt driver python

Is your Neo4j 4.0 instance enterprise or community?

Enterprise version! please see attachedneo4j_enterprise|645x500

Do you know what version of the driver you're using? Also, do you have any logs or examples of the code you're using to interact with your Neo4j instance?

4.0 Python drivers are not yet out, those are expected in Q2.

Current 1.7 Python bolt drivers will work with a 4.0 database, but will only connect to the default database, and have no way to specify a different database to connect to.

Also the :use command is specific to the browser and cypher-shell applications, it's not valid Cypher on its own.