Cannot connect to Neo4j server from web server

I have a problem when connect to Neo4j server from a web server

Connection with the server breaks due to IOException: Failed to connect to server 'bolt://' via IP addresses'[]' at port '7687'. Please ensure that your database is listening on the correct host and port and that you have compatible encryption settings both on Neo4j server and driver. Note that the default encryption setting has changed in Neo4j 4.0

However, when I test with a console, it can connect and run the query properly. What is the problem here?

Neo4j 4.2.5

This is my code for initial driver

GraphDatabase.Driver("bolt://", AuthTokens.Basic("username", "password")
                , configNeo4j => configNeo4j.WithEncryptionLevel(EncryptionLevel.None))

Thanks for your help,
Harvey Nguyen

Hi @harvey_nguyen , would you like to know which .net version using for (.net framework or netcore)
I found out the similar issue that hope this helpful guide to trust certificate
Good luck.

I'm using .net framework and Neo4j.Driver Your link doesn't works for me :frowning:
Thanks very much