Cannot access Database when put Neo4j in private Subnet

Hi I want to put our neo4j project to AWS. We define a ALB in our public subnet, then set the neo4j project in our private subnet. Also We apply for a domain for our project.
The workflow like this:

So right now, we can access to the neo4j browser, but cannot connect to database, like this:

I searched a lot, somebody said that we must expose bolt port 7687 to public(Connecting Neo4j browser to database on a private subnet · Issue #9285 · neo4j/neo4j · GitHub).

So here I want to ask is this true, do you have any ideas in your mind to solve this? or just give me a hint or suggestions.

Thank you

Tools I used:

  • neo4j community edition 3.5.7 in AWS AMI

Anybody wanna to look into it. If any doubts or don't understand what I am saying, please reply. I am watching the topic

Perhaps you need to specify dbms.connector.bolt.listen_address= in your conf?

Acutally, I do have set that.


By the way, how can we disable bolt and use http to connect to our database?

you can use http to connect to your database. And default port of http is 7474. It is different from the port of bolt.