Can we use Aura with a startup license?

Hello, I'm working for a startup that has been granted a license for Neo4j Enterprise through the startup program. I learned about Aura after following the "cloud deployment" link in the welcome email. It looks like to use Aura would require a different signup, is that right? Many thanks

Hello there, my name is John, I'm one of the Aura Product Managers.
Aura does indeed require a separate login, and is Enterprise Neo4j under the hood.
You don't need a separate license for it.
Aura Professional is also directly priced to meet the needs of Startup organisations like yours, so you should be good to go.

Hi John, thank you for your reply and the explanation. We currently have an Azure subscription, so my understanding is that we have two options for a cloud installation:

  • Self host using the granted license on an Azure VM, price dependant on the chosen VM
  • Fully managed on Aura starting at 65p/m for the base mem/CPU/disk allocation

I'll discuss it with the team and one way or the other we should be up and running soon :slight_smile: Thank you again. Iestyn

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