Can not detect the downloaded distribution

I am using Neo4j desktop v1.1.20 on Windows 10 platform. Due to the connection problem, I manually downloaded the Neo4j distribution package (e.g. "") and placed it in the folder .Neo4jDesktop\distributions\neo4j. The problem is that on the Settings tab it can detect the Neo4j 3.2.3 under Neo4j Distributions but when I wanted to Add Graph on my project it still require me to download the Neo4j 3.2.3 distribution (the download small icon is still there).

Could I solve the connection problem like the description above? If yes, the problem is about the selection of community version?

I fixed the connection problem and succeeded to download the target Neo4j distributions. I found that the app will automatically download the enterprise version, which is why what I did didn't work.

ethan I have a similar issue. I see two distributions but I can only create a project with the previous not the new one. I did not download anything manually, the desktop app includes both. Were you able to connect to the current distro and if so how? thank you!