Can I hire someone?

Hi folks, I'm getting incredibly frustrated trying to get this up and running myself - and I have a dataset ready. I just don't know this tool and I don't even know if it will meet our business needs, I'm trying to evaluate it. Is there someone out there who can do some paid consulting via screenshare for an hour or two, just to walk me around the tool, load my dataset, and show me what I can do with it?


There is a jobs and consulting opportunities section in the forums, you may have some luck finding someone for this there.

Considering the issues you've run into so far, I'd suggest working up from the very start.

You should already have Neo4j Desktop installed.

You can start up a new graph instance very easily with the app, and it will require you to set a password at the point of creation.

You can then press the Start button to start the database, and press the Manage button to bring up a section which allows you to see multiple aspects of your database (Details, Logs, Terminal, Settings, etc). On this page you should see an Open Browser button near the top. This will open the Neo4j Browser, which should prompt you to log in with the password that you set when you created the database (the username will remain "neo4j").

The card that shows up by default should have sections for starting some of the built-in tutorials. In the section for "Learn About Neo4j" there will be a "Start Learning" button which will launch this.

You can page through the card, learning about the fundamentals of a graph database, and the last page will include links you can press to see a guided tour of the Neo4j Browser, as well as launch an intro to Cypher, which is the query language used by Neo4j (as I recall you didn't seem to have any experience with this).

This should introduce you to basic Cypher syntax (also reachable by entering :play Cypher in the query area), and provide you with clickable examples, which will paste the Cypher into the query area where you can execute it with shift-Enter, or with the "Play" arrow button in the upper right.

At the end of that section, you should see a link to The Movie Graph (also launchable via :play movies in the query area). This will walk you through creating the movies graph, and using Cypher queries on the graph.

I would highly recommend going through all of these built-in tutorials first, as well as having the Cypher refcard and Cypher docs on hand for reference.

You may also want to go through the Cypher language tutorial.

If you're still having trouble going through these steps and can't launch or log into Neo4j, then perhaps starting from the Neo4j sandbox would be a good idea.


I can help you. Please send me your sample data and what you expect to see. Here is my email: