Can I directly import the database which is exported by APOC?

I tried the APOC.expor.csv, and found its exported data add a lot of new fields. Take the 'movies' graph as one example:


All others are automatically created fields by APOC except:

born, name, released, tagline, title

What are those other fields? Are they useful or can be turned off when exporting?

If I want to import the same database, can they be directly imported APOC.import procedure? According to the import documentation:

The import procedure usually load from the node files and the relationship files, but the export procedure output all nodes and relationships together, with those additional fields (_ prefixed) as well.

It would be great if the exported data can be imported directly without loss of any information. A good use case of this is that I may incrementally add content to the database, and at one time I just want to create an aggregated database by exporting and importing again, reducing dependency on many input files.