Came for the vibe, stayed for the tech

Hi all,

You can call me Chaka in here!

I'm an entrepreneur that has chosen to use Neo4j in an app we're building.

After many years and projects in SQL, I decided to visit one of the Neo4j events. I decided to visit it because I've always experienced working in the former as a necessary evil, rather than something that's fun. Also, I always really loved the mathematical notion of a graph when studying mathematics.

The overall vibe during the event was really good, including some in-depth yet lighthearted content. It sparked an interest in me, which I gradually fed by watching William Lyon's stellar podcasts and examples. This has culminated in us committing to using Neo4j for a new project.

And I have to say - I'm having FUN, quite like when I made the switch from C++ to Python. For certain use-cases, it just makes a lot more sense. The ecosystem the Neo4j team has created is quite something, thank you. I tip my hat to you.

Looking forward to working with Neo4j.

All the best,