Building A Photo-Based Personalized Recommendations Application

This post previews one of the exercises from the new Applied Graph Algorithms online training. It walks through the process of building a photo-based personalized recommendations application using Neo4j Graph Algorithms, the Yelp public dataset, and React.

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I am using a yelp data set for a photo based recommendation system (like course) The photos have been run through Google’s Image Labeling (Vision AI) service on your course and those labels are connected to photos by the HAS_LABEL relationship.

Because I don't have access to this service can you please send me the json or csv file with the LABEL and relationship HAS_LABEL????

I have set up the database using the Neo4j Import Tool with the Neo4j Desktop (Mark Needham)...(everything is ok)
but I cannot continue below because I don't have labels and relationship HAS_LABEL.

Can you help me???

Best regards

Dimitra Simoreli

Student at MSc in Web Intelligence at International Hellenic University