Building a desktop app using Neo4j

Hello !

Very junior dev here, I'm coming from scripting for CG Animation softwares, so I'm not a proper programmer.

I'm finishing to read about Neo4j, reading all the "Get Started" I can find, now I'm reaching the point where I need to start building the app (Python, Qt). It's a very simple app for adding users and task, but certainely complex enough for me right now.

My question is: is there a pattern for building App connected to remote (DigitalOcean) database ? I don't even know if I should keep a session open for the whole GUI runthime, or reopen a session at every request... In other word, I don't know how to start and I don't want to take bad habbits. So is there some tutorials/examples about how to build a desktop app interacting with Neo4j ?

Thanks anyway for the clarity of the whole documentation on, and sorry if the question has already been asked, maybe I've searched with the wrong keywords.

My colleague Irfan and I built the Neuler Neo4j Graph App that works against a local database (but you can apply the approach to a database hosted anywhere).

You can see our database connection here - neuler/neoStore.js at master · neo4j-devtools/neuler · GitHub


  • Create the driver once and keep that around until the app is closed
  • Open a new session for every request to the database
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I see. Thanks, that's really helpful!