Build a model to answer a question in neo4j?

I had a data set consist of questions and answers and interested to build a system to predict answer to the question.
i used google to help, but i didn't find any way to start the work.
for example: question: what was the capital of england?

i need to get output : london.
can any one help me how to start initial.

Your question is extremely vague and you don't provide any context. Therefore the best I can do is to refer you to How To Ask Questions The Smart Way to refine your question.

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Maybe David Mack's work translating English questions into Cypher queries using Sequence Translation would be a good place to start - Answering English questions using knowledge graphs and sequence translation | by David Mack | Octavian | Medium

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This was really rude and obnoxious. In my opinion it was very clear what he was asking. He wanted to know how to make a natural language query and get a simple answer based on his data set. A lot of work has been done in this field using NLP with Neo4j as the data store. You could have shared some resources with him along with some advice instead of being a jerk.

You're calling me a jerk and complain about me being rude in your one and only contribution here - seriously? Maybe spend some time on self-reflection.

My contribution is valuable as I'm making you aware that you're being condescending and coming off as an arrogant snob. This is a valuable contribution since it will improve people's experience with Neo4j if you treat people better going forward. I'm surprised you were hired and continue to be employed by such a reputable company despite how you treat people that make inquiries about your product.