BUG: Full cell view in Browser then last line not visible

Desktop 1.3.11 (Im not sure if the Browser has its own version number)
MacBook Pro OS X 10.15.7 (Catalina)

Using the Movie DB:
MATCH(p:Person) RETURN p.name ORDER BY p.name

The last person is:
"Zach Grenier"

If you scroll to the bottom of the cell you see:

│"Vincent Ward"          │
│"Werner Herzog"         │
│"Wil Wheaton"           │
│"Zach Grenier"          │

BUT if you zoom the cell so it takes up the full screen, the last name is not visible. If you copy the text in the cell, you do pick up the last name that off the visible area.

This occurs with both the Table and Text. See: