Bug - Cannot install plugins through the desktop UI after upgrading to Neo4j 3.5.7

Apologise if this is not the correct forum I wanted to report a possible bug

Mac OS 13.6 Neo4j Version 1.2.1 (

I've discovered a possible bug in the community edition of neo4j where the UI losses the ability to install plugins they remain greyed out. This is when installing upgrading a graph to version 3.5.7.

Having upgraded my graphs to version 3.5.7, I noticed that I could not start a particular graph it was crashing out further investigation lead me to deinstall all plugins. This then allowed me to start the graph in question. I then proceed to try to reinstall the basic plugins eg APOC etc. Only to find that they where greyed out with no install buttons and under the managed tab just the button to github. I search the forum and eliminated the usual suspects , off line mode and remote graphs

After a few hrs of investigation this left me scratching my head. So I did a fresh install of neo4j 1.2.1, I installed a new graph with 3.5.7 it downloaded , after the install it comes up but I cannot install any plugins same issue as above. I then backtracked and install a graph using version 3.5.6 which came with the fresh 1.2.1 desktop install.

What I discovered was :-

  1. 3.5.6 graph and below you can install plugins using the UI
  2. 3.5.7 graph you cannot they are greyed out in the UI

When I upgraded one of my databases to 3.5.7, it stated:

You are about to upgrade your db from version 3.5.6 to the version 3.5.7 .

All your data, configuration, logs and plugins will be left as-is, and may become incompatible with the new version.

Neo4j 3.5.7 does not support plugins listed below:

  • apoc
  • graphAlgorithms
  • graphQL

Note! All necessary migrations you will need to do manually!

Have to wait for the plugins to be upgraded...

If you rely on these plugins for your application and received the warning that they are not compatible with 3.5.7, then you should have waited to upgrade to 3.5.7. The plugin development is always behind the Neo4j releases as the plugins are not part of the product.

You could manually install them per the instructions in GitHub for the plugin (possible changes to neo4j.conf) for the database, but you are using them at your own risk. Not recommended for a deployed production application.


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