Browser files location

With Neo4j Desktop

Neo4j browser guides are available from a browser for example via the command:

Can we use this server, adding to it custom web pages ?
Is there any documentation available?
Where should I store (on my windows sytem/neo5j desktop) the files?

Thank you very much

I did a deep dive into hosting neo4j guides not long ago. Last I looked the default guide is inside one of the JAR files, which should be left untouched.

However, there are two options I know of for adding your own guides

  1. There is a neo4j plugin to host guides, but this was a non-starter for me because you have to disable all login authorization to use it (if anyone has a work around let me know, I think I'd prefer to host pages with the neo4j db)
  2. You can put the guide on a web site, but I believe you need to have the the ability to modify the CORS (cross origin resource sharing) settings. The CORS configuration required was disabled on all the web servers I tried, I'm guessing it is normally and generally disabled by default.

I am currently hosting a guide file on in an Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 bucket. Here are the CORS configuration settings I ended up using

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<CORSConfiguration xmlns="">

I'm interested in hearing feedback from others about the right CORS to use with S3 for Neo4j guides since my first few attempts should have worked but didn't, and by the time I had a working configuration I had learned more than I ever wanted to know about CORS and browser communications. (long story short)

how to build guides is covered here

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Thank You Very much Joel