Browser Connection Problem (or Peculiarity)


I wanted to try the Neo4j 1.2.1 on a different computer. It is i7 4th generation with 32 GB of RAM, 2.9 GHZ. The interface through Neo4j browser seems responsive and animated as it should be. However, there is a very serious problem with connecting through Chrome port 7474: No problem connecting and logging in. However, the same command like MATCH (n) RETURN (n) Limit 25 either leads to a crash asking to restart the connection or takes minutes to become visible. Furthermore (or even worse), when it comes, it looks like an image that cannot be interacted with.

Any thoughts on this? In the previous computer I did not make any setup change and as here only issued localhost:7474 and that was it. Also, when the browser is busy interacting with the database, it consumes almost 25% of the memory as well as CPU.

I tried to use Explorer but as I do not have permission to add the local host, I did not work.

Any other browser that I might need to use?

Thank you.

I just found out that the https port 7473 does not have that problem and used localhost:7473

How can I solve the 7474 port problem? May be this port is used on this computer. Should I change the ports all together?

Hmm IE as web-browser for the neo4j-ui?
Or the built-in neo4j-browser in Neo4j Desktop?

Anything in the javascript console?

If your 25 nodes have a lot of relationships between each other, try to disable connect result nodes in the Neo4j Browser settings and see if that helps.

It was Chrome, and the problem is the ports kept occupied even after closing of the program. I guess this might be a very useful improvement for the next version of Neo4j to release all the ports explicitly upon exit. Netstat says otherwise upon the exit for the version 1.2.1

I am just starting the habit of clearing the browser of passwords, data, etc. and this helps a lot

Can you try version 1.2.2?

Version 1.2.2 is not available to me