Browser black windows

I make query, the problem is that after some minuts the window of browser become black.
how i can solve this problem ?

What is the query? It is possible that you are returning too much data and running out of memory and that is why browser is dying. What version of Neo4j, what is your operating system, what internet browser are you using, is the browser just going all black or is there a message?

the version of neo4j is 3.5.12, the browser version is 4.0.2
my OS is windows 10. the browser just going all black without message.
the query is this: match p = ()-[:infoOfYear]->()-[:pubblicate]->() return p

What is the return of MATCH n RETURN count(*) ?
And then try your query with a limit added:
match p = ()-[:infoOfYear]->()-[:pubblicate]->() return p LIMIT 3

return 11250 of entity

Also, it will help your query run faster if you know a label that will be on one of the nodes and add that to your query:

match p = (:Person)-[:infoOfYear]->()-[:pubblicate]->() return count(p)

count(p) will let us know how much it was trying to pull back. The browser can have trouble visualizing too many nodes/rels at once (if it works with the limit 3 then it is almost certainly a problem of it trying to visualize too much)

the query return 10195

Neo4j browser is not designed to show a huge number of nodes/rels. As a rule of thumb typically anything with more than ~100-500 nodes might result in slowness. LIMIT is your friend here.

The visualization tool Bloom is designed to handle much more nodes/rels in its visualization since it's using WebGL internally.

how can i use it (bloom)?

To get started, check out Bloom - Neo4j Graph Data Platform
Bloom is a commercial tool requiring a separate license.

can i use a sandbox ?

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