Broken link to download Neo4j Desktop

I am trying to use get started with data science algorithms on our Neo4j database.

After entering my name and email to download Neo4j Desktop, this page (Thanks for Downloading Neo4j Desktop - Neo4j Graph Data Platform) has a MacOS link ( which says only,

NoSuchKeyThe specified key does not exist.neo4j-desktop/mac-offline/Neo4j Desktop-1.3.11.dmgC9BD67DBF6FA9BC0BHe1Tt0g7bdlt9WQ0bhwK+Lr04qG5j2rDgIJ5IfskiYkRXJjDrNpSkKdcVGEuthdHWaPYKiUssA=

Oh in case it helps, the security key I elided has a long string of %2Fs in it, which doesn't look right.

I'm experiencing the same problem. I landed on this page:

The download didn't start so I clicked on the OSX link and received:

<Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message>
<Key>neo4j-desktop/mac-offline/Neo4j Desktop-1.4.3.dmg</Key>

The Windows and Linux images can be downloaded all right.