Braun Reyes - Senior Data Engineer - Clearcover, Inc

Hello Everyone,

My name is Braun Reyes and come next Wednesday I will starting a new position as a Senior Data Engineer at Clearcover, Inc in Chicago, IL USA.

I discovered Graphs when I was a SQL Server DBA looking at what this 'NoSQL' was all about.

That was over 3 years ago. I actually wrote a blog article for Neo4j about a Serverless API protoype in AWS serving content recommendations powered by Neo4j.

Moving into the Insure-Tech space, I hope to get into exploring use cases for Graph Databases in the Auto Insurance industry.


Cool! Make sure to meet @neo4j_devrel and @jennifer_reif in Chicago next week.

I really liked your blog posts back then. Hope for some new ones from you :slight_smile:

Btw. please share publish your post in #community-content-blogs

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