Brad Interested in Using Graph Databases in the HR Space

Hello, Neo4J Community,

My name is Brad Cohen and I work as an HRIS Analyst for DICK'S Sporting Goods. I'm a newbie to graph databases, but I'm interested in seeing how I can leverage it to build HR related apps. I'm also looking for good resources to quickly get up-to-speed on Neo4J. I'm good with SQL, HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Welcome to the community Brad, we have a great community here and most are quick and good on responding to help with questions if you need to post about what you are working on and needing help.

In regards to resources to get up-to-speed to Neo4j there are online courses you can work through and the introduction course will help you get into working with Neo4j and the query language it uses "Cypher". Here is a link to the courses...

Welcome and have a wonderful day!