Bolt - Websocket Error

Hi Team,

I am using Neo4j community version to render graphs. I did Neo4j setup through EC2 instance.

  1. When login to EC2 server, I see Neo4j is running fine and able to cypher shell through bolt also working fine.

The problem I face is in UI part:

Using the EC2 instance able to get Neo4j browser, but not able to access DB through bolt driver. Getting Websocket error!

Note: I Changed by enabling bolt drivers and passing private address:7687 in configuration file as well. But it did not resolve my issue.

Instead of bolt, if I use http://ipaddress:7474 able to access the DB but query is not working.

Can you please someone help me to resolve the issue?


I guess you're facing one of the common connection errors in neo4j browser. You should check this post that explains the error and a workaround it: Common Connection Errors

Hopefully, this one will help you solve your issue.

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Hi Dragotic,

Thank you. Issue is resolved by doing 2 steps.

  1. Added route 53 in AWS of Neo4j instance with ip address.
  2. Edit the neo4j.config ... Added one more line item as
  3. Stop the DB and restart again.