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Hi all,
Does anyone know is it possible to get a short term trial for bloom?
I have used up my 30 day neo4j enterprise trail but not got to try it out.

What type of company? Are you a large enterprise (think global 2000)? If so, we can put you in contact with our sales team to get a demo.

If you're a small startup, the Startup Program includes access to Bloom (Startup Graph Database | Neo4j Graph Database Platform for Startups)

If something else, let us know and we can figure out how to direct your request.


Hi @ryan.boyd , Ive sent multiple messages via the contact us page but have had no response, We are a small company who are using neo4j as a tool for networking, we are currently using other visulisation tools but are very impressed by bloom from our viewing of videos online demostarting its capabilities, we only require a short trial so having had no reply to messages sent over 2 weeks ago we are getting very frustrated.

Many thanks,

Hi @skirwan,

Sorry for the frustration. I'll look into what happened with those messages.

Do the criteria for the startup program apply to you? (<$3mm in annual revenue, <=50 . employees, not using for a contract/consulting on behalf of another company)

If so, that's the easiest route for you to get access to Bloom -- it's all self-serve.


@ryan.boyd do you know if there's any planned webinars coming up for Bloom? There's a couple of videos showing basic usage of Bloom but I'd be curious to see some more in-depth implementations of Bloom. It'd be nice to have a Q&A webinar about the application.

Then just to express similar sentiments, it's pretty common to offer limited day trials. It's one thing to see videos and see presentations, it's another thing to be able to get your hands on an application to see for yourself how it works. Even a 14-day trial I think would be nice to evaluate a product.

Hi Sam,

Sorry, I saw elsewhere that you said that you have 70 employees at your company, so that's outside the bounds of the startup program.

This will need to be handled by sales. Although the sales team is focused on large Enterprises, I want to make sure that they at least respond to your request as to whether you're eligible for a Bloom trial or not. I've just pinged them.


Hi @mike_r_black,

Looks like the product manager for Bloom is giving a webinar in a few weeks. See here: Neo4j Graph Data Platform Webinars | Graph Data Science

I understand that public trials would be nice (and have pushed for us to offer them for Bloom). However, the current product strategy and sales strategy is to work 1-on-1 with prospects to evaluate their need for Bloom in order to get additional feedback that can be rolled into the core product and ensure a good initial experience. The sales team does distribute trials and guide qualified enterprises through them. The pricing and offering is currently focused on very large companies at the moment though, so not everyone qualifies for these trials.

Myself and my team will continue to push for wider availability here, but we are excited that startups now qualify for free usage of Bloom!


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