Bloom showing wrong values in range

I am experimenting with pageRank algorithms and looking at the results in Bloom output.
I ran a pageRank algorithm on a graph and then incorporated into the styling perspectives with rules. This worked as expected. I then modified the pageRank algorithm to test a new results.

Issue when I go to Bloom to look at the styling rules and look at the range values and click refresh range, I am getting the wrong values. I compare this to the values I get in browser. I refreshed the perspective, but if I read the documentation correctly this should not be necessary. If the data type changes it is needed but if only the values change then it is not necessary. I have also closed Bloom completely and reopened, opened the style control and refreshed the range. It is still showing the wrong values. The original range but not the current range. Is there a fix?

Figured it out. You need to refresh data from the contextual menu. Just refresh in the rule styling palette is not sufficient.