Bloom Search not finding results


I am getting no results in a Bloom search with custom query that first used to work fine and now returns to results. When I copy and past the query into the browser and create some params to mimic the passed parameters in Bloom, I get results that are expected.

:param numlevels => 4
:param cpcstart =>'H01L21/0228'
MATCH (a:cpc {subgroup: $cpcstart}) CALL apoc.path.expand(a, "Reports_to", ">cpc", 1, $numlevels) YIELD path RETURN path

In Browser returns the nodes and relationships as expected

In Bloom I am getting no results.


It looks like there is a space at the end of your Bloom search term. Perhaps that space character is being picked up and the Cypher parameter ends up being "H01L21/0228 ", which doesn't match because of the trailing whitespace.

Could you try it without the space at the end (or try using the trim Cypher function, i.e. {subgroup: trim($cpcstart)}