Bloom Perspectives "Search" should be "Searches"; should have some hover hints

A general comment... I find Bloom less intuitive than the Browser... I'm still stumbling around with it.

  1. The Perspective, Lab, and Gear icons don't have a hover hints the way that the "Refresh Perspective does"

  2. After clicking on Perspective, I see Categories, Relationships and Search. The tab "Search" should be pluralized to "Searches" because it's a list of searches (like Categories and Relationships). When I first saw it, it didn't occur to me that's where you create Searches.

  3. "Add Search phrase" button should be at the top of the list to make it more obvious that you can add searches. (A newbie exploring a previously created Perspective might not get that right away.)

  4. The documentation for Bloom presumes that you know how to navigate to the appropriate part of Bloom. E.g., how to get to Searches. I eventually figured it out. (I already made a suggestion for that.)

Thank you so much for your great feedback! These are all valid points :slight_smile:

  • Sebastian Wictorin
  • Product Designer @ Neo4j Bloom

I also posted other feedback in other topics and some feedback in the documentation.

BTW, I'm unclear on what Bloom means by "Category". It's not explained (as far as I can find.). It's also confusing in the documentation because the example has a Label called "Category".