Bloom does not display some properties

I have a node that looks like this:
"identity": 9898,
"labels": [
"properties": {
"name": "cell",
"iri": "",
"definitions": "Anatomical structure that has as its parts a maximally connected cell compartment surrounded by a plasma membrane.\nsource: cell type ontology. linkout / placeholder for cell type ontology",
"synonyms": "cells, cell type, cell types"
In Bloom iri an definitions properties are not displayed:
I did the usual things: refreshing and restarting the database, but no cigar.

Would anyone help me out here?


Were the iri and definitions properties added at a later time than name and synonyms?
You may need to refresh the category definition in the perspective you are using. Open perspective designer and click on the Concept category to see if the properties show there. You can also try deleting the Concept category and adding it back in the Perspective definition.