Bloom as web application - GPU passthrough setup with a discrete GPU assigned to each VM?

Hi guys,

I want to implement Bloom as a web application on my Wordpress website. When I check the installation guide Bloom Installation, its recommended to assign a GPU passthrough setup with a discrete GPU to each VM.

On my current provider Digital Ocean, I am afraid this is not possible. Can anybody please elaborate a little on this demand. And also, what is in your opinion a good cloud service provider to get Neo4j running properly?

I want to use Bloom and therefore it is not possible for me to subscribe to Aura.

Kind regards from this beginning web developer

Hi Shanna,

Just a note that Bloom is included with Aura now. After creating your database click the "Connect with" dropdown menu and choose Bloom from there.

Please do keep in mind that Aura does not support role based access control, though. So anyone you grant access to via Bloom will have full rights to the database. For that reason you may still want to deploy your own installation of Bloom.


Hi Shanna,

The GPU passthru is only needed on the client side if the user accessing Bloom is using a VM that doesn't have a GPU. If you are setting up a web server somewhere in a VM to host the Bloom app, but users will access from a local machine that has a GPU, the GPU passthru setup is not needed. Any cloud provider (including Aura :wink: ) works for hosting Bloom.

We'll clarify in the documentation as well. Thanks!

Dear Cory,

Thank you for your reply. I am still quite new in using Neo4j and Bloom. Can you please help me out with some terms to fully understand what you are saying?

I am incorporating Bloom as a web application. I want visitors to the website to be able to use the interface of Bloom, but only with the data that I choose to be available as a developer. I am the only developer.

So, my questions are:

  1. With 'does not support role based access control', do you mean that all users (fellow-developers as well as end users) will have full access to the underlying database?
  2. And therefore, would Aura suit my purpose?

I am very curious.

Kind regards,

Dear Anurag,

Thank you for the response. It still is not fully clear to me. Please let me give a concrete example.

  1. I want to use DigitalOcean as a cloud provider to host Bloom.
  2. I am offering Bloom services as a web application to customers online via a web page.
  3. My customer Paul is using his local computer with browser Chrome.

Does that fit the requirement of having the user that is accessing Bloom is having a VM that has a GPU?

Kind regards,


In the scenario you describe, if Paul's local computer has a GPU, the Bloom client will run on Paul's local machine and use its GPU. You don't need a GPU setup on the DigitalOcean side.


Alright, thank you for the clarification!