blankPage ---- localhost &

I'm using neo4j-enterprise-4.2.7 on windows,
and have set 'dbms.connector.http.listen_address'=
but when I open browser with, I get a blank page.
However, the 'localhost:7474' show correctly.

I use 'netstat -n' cmd and get the following result:
TCP [::1]:7474 [::1]:27961 TIME WAIT

PS: When I use neo4j-enterprise-4.2.2 on windows with same configurations, It can work correctly.


My Environment

Windows 10 Pro (21H1)
neo4j-enterprise-4.2.7 (no configuration)

Both work fine.


By the way, the only setting 'dbms.connector.http.listen_address'= is to uncomment this line.


Thanks, but it can't work. Maybe the firewall or some inner configurations of system cause the problem.