Black screen

i am new to neo4j. I trying to simple query
match(i:industry{jenisIndustry:"Telekomunikasi"})<--(c:company)-->(j:jobs) return DISTINCT i,c,j
but, I get a black screen after runing.

I have

labels(n) count(*)
["industry"] 400
["jobs"] 400
["company"] 400

relationship types
*(320,000) belong_to|offers

database schema: (industry)<-[:belong_to]-(company)-[:offers]->(jobs)

Can anyone help with that? Thanks!


Hi Evanurafny

Welcome to the Community!!

Could you please let us know what do you mean by black screen.
try to share the screenshot

when I try the same query but for less data, it's not a black screen

Ideally it should not be a black screen. However I suspect it is problem of Memory.
Try to allocate more memory.
Also share us the query you are trying to run, may be there is Cartesian product or some thing else.
How much data are you trying to process?

I think this looks like a memory problem too, but in the Browser rather than the server.
You are displaying 3,700 relationships with your cut down data. Rendering thousands of relationships, or nodes, in the Neo4j browser can cause it to become very slow or crash.

The browser isn't really designed for displaying huge sub-graphs. You might find Bloom is more able to cope with what you are trying to display.