Beyond Brand New to Neo4 j...excited to learn the tools

I am a privacy researcher working on a book about the subject.

I have been making heavy usage of both the Panama and Paradise Papers and although I have had many years of experience using relational databases, these sources have exceeded my current tool's abilities, especially in visualization.

I also need to build relationships out of my own FOIA and public records requests, this focus is mostly on the relationship between government entities and the vendors of surveillance technologies.

I found Neo4j through a link at the ICIJ's Panama Papers download page.

It looks to be a robust community, thank god, because I may be in over my head.

Thanks in advance for any future help I may require.


Nobody here is in over their head. Welcome! If you have a question just find the right topic and ask. There are always new people learning, and people are generally friendly. StackOverflow is a great source of neo4j related technical knowledge too, as there have been thousands and thousands of questions & answers over several years already.

How's the book coming along, Garrett?