Beta release of neosemantics for 4.0

Hi everyone,

We've just published a beta release of neosemantics for Neo4j 4.0.x.

Notice that it includes several important (breaking) changes: There's an extensive change in the naming scheme for procedures and functions as well as in the mode of operation of the toolkit.

I'd suggest you start by having a look at the minimal temporary manual in the README for details.


For some reason, I thought that your neosemantics library was in the central maven repository. I wanted to create some unit tests against neosemantics and Neo4j (in a project I am working on) rather than using a Docker container (I like developing on Windows but Docker can be temperamental on it). While I know 4.0 isn't released, I am content with using the beta at this stage for my simple use case. I figure I might as well start creating some unit tests now. Will/can the 4.0 beta jar be added into Maven central? If not, I can obviously work around it though I prefer to avoid manually adding dependencies into a private repo (since that's best left as a last resort).

One more related question, since neosemantics doesn't appear to be in Maven, does that indirectly indicate that interacting with neosemantics using HTTP is preferred?. It seems as though Neosemantics is designed so that you don't need the library as a dependency of code that wants to interact with it?



Hi, it's now in the maven repository (link)

You're right, the extension is conceived as a set of stored procedures / UDFs to be used from Cypher plus an HTTP extension. In this sense, it's similar to APOC and other neo4j plugins.

Depending on how the community uses it, it may make sense to add other surfaces like a java API so it can be imported and extended from other neo4j extensions. Keep the feedback coming :slight_smile: