Best practice for physically printing NEO4j Graph

Hello Community,

I hope you guys are doing well! I've got my graphDB designed and looking into physically printing them(scrim vinyl, gloss vinyl, matte paper, glass paper, semi glass paper, etc..) to present and post it on my clients conference room.

I'd really appreciate if you guys could suggest best way to print graphDB and steps to follow!!! Thank you for you time in advance.



Hi Plee,

I think screenshoot can be the way.

In every case, Bloom or standard view or everything is WYSIWYG ( WYSIWYG - Wikipedia )

The second way is export data and use external graphic view, can be Excel xy graph or whatever.

Anyway, if you print something in the physical world, the bigger the graph the bigger the t-shirt:-)



You can try with linkurious. Once the visualization is created you can export it as SVG or PNG and print it.