Behaviour of relationship grouping threshold for import-tool and live db


Is it possible to set a different relationship_grouping_threshold (formerly dense node threshold) as a part of initial data load using the neo4j-admin import tool?

In neo4j.conf I see the option dbms.relationship_grouping_threshold but I believe it only affects the live database and not the neo4j-admin import tool, correct?

Two related questions:

Imagine that, as a result of a write query, the number of relationships of a given node happens to be greater than the relationship_grouping_threshold.
Will those relationships be "re-arranged" accordingly to the RelationshipGroup structure explained in Splits relationship chains by type and direction · neo4j/neo4j@366d309 · GitHub ? Will this happen within the same db tx?

If the configuration dbms.relationship_grouping_threshold is modified and the db restarted, will the database start scanning and re-arranging all relationships accordingly to the RelationshipGroup structure for ALL nodes exceeding the newly set relationship_grouping_threshold?