Azure - neo4j vm - cannot connect

I'm using the Azure Marketplace Neo4j Enterprise VM module - Version 3.5.

The VM is running on a static IP, but I cannot connect to 7474 or 7687. The connections are refused.

I'd expect out of the box that this package would allow direct remote connections on 7474.

I've made no changes to the neo4j package, so why is it not working as expected?

Out of the box, it allows 7474, 7687(bolt), SSH: 22000, 22001, and 22002. It also provisions LB and that will have URL, you need to access that URL:7474.
Check the network interface if these ports rules are available in inbound rule. Also try checking if neo4j instances are up and running fine using ssh.

Thank you for sharing your expertise. I have a question

I don't plan to use SSH for auth. Is that necessary?

It is not necessary. ssh is only required if you want to login into VM for any issues, like fetching logs, dump, load or neo4j instance has failed to start with any other reason.

I'm now seeing socket errors.

Failed to write data to connection Address(host=host, port=7687) (Address(host=host, port=7687)); ("0; 'Underlying socket connection gone (_ssl.c:2330)'")

neo4j versions:

I can connect to 7474 via browser but not via bolt.

I've downgraded my neo4j components following advice in another thread. Unfortunately this didn't fix the issue.