AWS Neo4j Community Password and Authorization RateLimit

I have decided to try and move my Neo4j exploration onto the AWS Cloud.

Any feedback on if this is a good idea for a non-enterprise backed exploration? EC2 may be expensive overkill for my needs. Then again, becoming an expert in Neo4j probably requires that I can build bigger systems in a scalable way.

Anyway, I have had password problems. Does anyone know how long the RateLimit for bad password attempts is? How long until it resets?

Still interested in replies to this in regards to EC2.

I did find a solution to my Rate Limit issue though. Recognizing that this is an EC2 instance, all I needed to do was restart the authorization count to zero by rebooting the virtual machine. Also of note, as I found in my searching, the instructions that say to use the Instance ID as the password is not correct. The user name is neo4j and the password is neo4j as well. After the initial access you must change the password.

I still haven't figured out how to get in with SSH, but knowing the password will likely help. Or is it the SSH Key that is missing? Or something else. I haven't figured that out yet.