AWS multi-region provisioning with replication between master slaves

Does Neo4J provides for a seamless multi-region deployment in AWS say "us-west-2" , "us-east-1", "eu-1' and ne regions with automatic data replication between the nodes? If yes can you please point me the doc or wiki that talks about it.


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What do you mean by seamless deployment? Are you looking for some service like RDS? There is a dedicated page regarding neo4j in the clouds - Hosting Neo4j in the Cloud - Developer Guides, so you may check out if solutions fulfill your requirements.

For the HA setup, you may checkout casual clustering mode that is available together with Neo4J Enterprise version - Clustering - Operations Manual

Two more links that might be useful for you:

Thanks, but I think that does not answer my original question. Putting it in a better way, lets say I deploy Neo4J in 3 different AWS regions (not Availability Zones), does it allow for cross region replication.?
I was looking at Neptune DB service provided by AWS as well, it doesn't provide cross region replication either. I would want my services which uses this DB to be in multiple region. We target for 9999 or more. Hope i am able to put it more clear way.

The services would be in multiple region in an active active configuration. And the data needs to be replicated across all the clusters in multiple region. NoSQL DBs like Cassandra and Dynamo does provide that support. But our use cases does warrant use of Graph Databases but we dont seem to get database replication coming handy.

with the approach listed here
I think it might be possible to distribute the cluster into multiple regions, something similar to Cosmos DB in Azure, but the instances need not be all master, even replicas in other regions are fine with automatic cross replication