Auto-complete for relationships and property keys is disabled

Hello, thanks for looking at this very simple question.

I am using neo4j desktop version 1.4.15 and going through Querying Cypher and other tutorials.

Previously when I was in the browser it would auto-complete relationship types and property keys. For some reason today it's disabled and I can't see how to turn it back on.


What version of Neo4j?
What version of Neo4j Browser?

and to which are descibed in the Browser and on left frame/drawer and clicking the bottom most icon. This will example the left drawer and report similar to

You are running
Neo4j Browser version: 4.4.2
Neo4j Server version: 4.4.3 (community)
Neo4j Browser Changelog

or similar

Thanks Dana. I am running:

  • Neo4j Browser version: 4.4.4
  • Build number: 140
  • Build date: 4/12/2022
  • Neo4j Server version: 4.4.3 (enterprise)
  • and desktop version 1.4.15


Thanks for this detail. We are aware of the auto complete functionality failing to work with Neo4j Browser 4.4.4 and are working on a fix. Please check back on Releases · neo4j/neo4j-browser · GitHub for availability of said fix

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Thanks, Dana. With today's fix auto complete functionality is working. I had the same issue with Desktop 4.4.5.

Provided you have Neo4j Browse 4.4.5

this should be addressed